Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Woke up Hungry..(for life)

Wow.. Woke up with a Hunger that I havent had in such a long time for life.. I have always had so much ambition but the last few years I have become so complacent and jaded over the music business and my dreams. But that is all about to change today.. No longer will I be broke. No longer will I settle for bull shit.. No longer will I except less than the best.. No longer will i wait for my dreams to to happen but yet I will take charge of my life and Make things happen.. Change is coming you guys.. God thank you for keeping me surrounded by people who motivate me to be something more.. Everything happens for a reason.. I lost my way for a reason and its now time to get back on track.. For me at the Need some inspiration? Check this book out it really is an amazing book about manifesting your destiny..

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